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Motherly advice cabaret premiers at Funtavia Festival

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Do you cringe thinking about the awkward advice your mother gave you throughout childhood about puberty, your first love, rebellion or all of the above?

A new cabaret show premiering at Funtavia in Geraldton on 10 February celebrates the tears, the triumphs and the love of mothers through comedy, song and very personal stories.

No matter who you are or where you come from, this voyage from puberty to adulthood will bring you back in touch with how motherly advice (although not always forthcoming or welcomed) can cross personal boundaries.

It draws attention to how similar our experiences and relationships with our mothers actually are.

“It will take you back to your childhood and bring back old memories. Share it with people you love, share it with people you hate, just come along!” said show creator Kath Jones.

“This show is based on true stories. People may be surprised with how many we all have in common…”

You’ll laugh, cry and feel uncomfortably sorry for the talented cast as they play out, recall and celebrate all the best intentions of our mothers.

We were all rebellious and young at one point in our lives and this show reminds us how that one person was always there to pick up the pieces when things got too much… our mother.

Let’s reminisce in the shared stories we have all experienced with the person who brought us into this world…

18+ venue (conditional). Contact the venue.

Tickets from $15>>

Venue & Session Time

Geraldton – Cargo Hold at Funtavia

Saturday 10 Feb @ 6:30pm

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