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Interviews on the deck: Kim Canny, Comedy Allsorts

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We had a chat to local comedian and show director Kim Canny of Comedy Allsorts ahead of her third year performing at Funtavia.

Despite only starting her career in comedy three years ago, the local artist and now show director has made a name for herself in the local scene with her unique flavour of family centric comedy and a passion for youth development in the performing arts sector.  

Kim Canny is bringing her sell-out show Comedy Allsorts back to Funtavia for a second year with brand new games, jokes and a few new comedians added to the lineup. Ahead of Funtavia, we spoke to Kim about confidence, making winning jokes, and the Geraldton performing arts scene…

How did you feel when you found out Comedy Allsorts completely sold out last year at Funtavia?

It was fantastic that we got such a great response from the community. I had told the cast that if we sold out I would have a pizza party to celebrate. They were so excited to sell out their first show, but they also did not forget to remind me about the pizza I had promised. So we had a pizza party.

What does Funtavia mean to you? And to local performers?

Funtavia gives the Geraldton region a fantastic arts festival that everyone can enjoy.

I have been part of Funtavia since the very beginning, having started as a volunteer. The the last two years I have been a performer  – which has been a fun and amazing learning experience. I am personally so thankful for the opportunity it has given me and other local performers.

What do you think sets Comedy Allsorts (and locally produced shows in general) apart from the rest of the world?

Geraldton performers are so amazing! They are passionate and talented, and the audiences are so supportive and enthusiastic. We have people in our community who love to perform and will encourage others to join in, it’s fantastic!

Do you get more psyched to perform live or direct?

What a hard question… I love performing, it is such a rush and each time you perform, you get better and better. In Comedy Allsorts, I direct and perform, which sometimes is actually quite difficult. But this year I have Assistant Directors Deb and Casey Clark (who also star in the show) and help spread the load. So to answer… I think it’s both lol.

What’s your process when coming up with jokes?

I am very lucky that I have my husband Mark and son Jackson who have much more experience than me and I can bounce ideas off them. But basically I write about my life, my husband, my kids and my extended family.

You project a lot of confidence through your comedy and performances. What’s the secret

Hmmm should I give away my secret? Only joking, I don’t have one. I think back to the first time I tried improv comedy – I was so nervous and insecure. But learning to let go and just have fun is the key. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

What can people expect from Comedy Allsorts 2019?

It will be just as entertaining next year, but a little different. We will have stand-up by some young local comedians – including Class Clowns WA State finalists – plenty of Improv and a little sketch thrown in to keep things sweet.

9:30am Cargo Hold, Saturday 9th February

Tickets $10-$15

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