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Fat Girls review Gero cafes

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Now, don’t get us wrong – we love Geraldton for its people, its laidback lifestyle, its beautiful beaches and perma-blowdry wind situation.

But if we’re being honest, what we love most about Geraldton is the cafes. Sure, Perth has a lot of cafes (that we’ll get to trying all of don’t worry), but in Gero they’re all in a ~2 km radius, which makes it pretty easy to cafe-hop (which we have definitely done during rehearsal during a break).

So we thought we’d do a review of the cafes in Gero we can remember. And we say remember because look, we’re probably going to miss one and we don’t want to be rude SO if we miss your cafe, shoot us a message and we’ll review it when we’re up for Funtavia. Honestly it’ll be our pleasure.

Posted by Fat Girls In Bike Shorts on Saturday, 3 February 2018


Quiet Life – Rosie

When these guys came to town I kind of lost my mind because I drove past one day and all of a sudden this building I’d ignored (sorry to the business who was there before!) had a sign outside that said coffee and I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT BEFOREHAND. So I was both butthurt and very excited and was probably one of the first customers they had in their first week.

I mean everyone knows these guys right? The port crowd, the bike crowd, the journo crowd, the muso crowd – everyone goes there. And whilst their incredible bagels and thick ham and eggs (from the OG menu, was tip top) are big draw cards, we all know there are two main reasons to go to QL: to drink their top notch coffee (honestly I miss it down here in Perth) and to meet cute dogs. I have never been to QL without meeting a cute dog and it is such an important part of bringing life to the cafe and also my poor, dog-obsessed heart.

Also special mention of their chai as well – I am yet to find one as good in Perth and also just kind of keep coming back to Gero to get them from QL…


Flow Vitality – Kellee

Flow just makes me feel light, energised and ready for the day. If we have a big day of rehearsals ahead, we’ll come here, eat brekkie, feel the morning breeze and then get to work. Seriously. You walk in, and everyone is just so friendly and gorgeous. And honestly, the avo smash is to die for! But just because Flow is about health, doesn’t mean it’s not tasty! If Rosie and I go to Flow together (and let’s face it, we go there a lot to eat!) we will get two plates and share. You’re full to the brim, and again, it’s totally healthy.


Also, their coffee is definitely up there, but their juices are phenomenal. Ugh. SO GOOD.

OMG… we wore the same thing. In Geraldton today ahead of another weekend of productive rehearsals…

Posted by Fat Girls In Bike Shorts on Friday, 20 January 2017


Culinary HQ – Rosie

Look I have to come clean: I cannot go past Culinary’s waffles. Literally every time I am back in Gero, the first thing I do is go and have their vanilla waffles with bacon (add ice-cream if you’re keen for a 1,000 calorie hit at 9am. You won’t/definitely will regret it). I would also leap fully clothed from a burning building, get up and brush myself off and then limp into Culinary for their mushrooms on toast. I know that if I needed to go to hospital because of, y’know, the burns from leaping from the building, at least I’d be going on a full stomach.

Also extra points for their brownies and quiches which I always get ‘for someone at home’ but which I really just eat once I’m out of sight of the front door.

We're back in Geraldton and starting our day right before rehearsals!

Posted by Fat Girls In Bike Shorts on Friday, 12 January 2018


Jaffle Shack/Fleur – Kellee

My favourite thing to do is to go for an early morning swim at the foreshore, and then stagger up the beach (honestly, bring an extra towel because the walk from the beach to either of the jaffle shacks is enough to give you chaffing – yes, 20m and I will get chafe…) to Jaffle Shack. I’m always hungry after a swim, and I love the classic spaghetti melt – it’s got a pesto twist to it, and completely hits the spot. And you can’t go wrong with a chicken and cheese, it’s a classic.

OKAY, let’s not forget that they have dessert jaffles, and basically give me life (or an afternoon pick-me-up. Either/or, they’re pretty close right?)

Next door is Fleur Tearoom, and it’s a great place to catch up with friends. They have an extensive list of tea, good coffee and a lot of baked goods. They also make a great breakfast if you want to do something a little more formal. But let’s go back.


I can say that I have most likely tried nearly everything on that menu. And it’s good.


Piper Lane – Rosie

After living in Gero for 4 years (barely long enough to even qualify as a blow in, I know), I can safely say that my favourite milestones in town have always been the opening of new cafes. Piper Lane was my favourite opening because I have a penchant for laneway nooks and also their deconstructed chai is bloody ‘on point’ mate. I always found it hard to go past the pancakes, the breakfast panna cotta and the green shakshuka, but my runaway favourite was defs the Serbian beans. I don’t know what the Serbians did to please the food gods, but it must’ve been impressive ‘cos they sure smiled with extra benevolence the day those beans came into existence. Always a pleasure to uncomfortably suppress gas during rehearsals in exchange for those wonderful poppets of flavour starting my day off right.


Two Foreshore – Rosie

I gotta be honest – I’ve never eaten at Two Foreshore. What I have done (and what most of the childrearing public of Gero seem to do during the perfect, cloudless days) is sit in those little plastic chairs on the grass near the playground and look at the ocean. I could look at that damn ocean all day, with its twinkling diamond surface and invitingly cool depths. And if I’m gonna be doing that, I gotta have a good coffee in hand, ably provided by Two Foreshore.

Also one time I went there with my dog and because he’s an idiot I couldn’t leave him outside and the lady came and took my money outside which was both a noble act and also a great way to meet cute dogs which I 100% encourage.


Go Health – Rosie

These guys are my favourite for a lunch cafe because you can spy on everyone doing mainies and also get into their delicious AND HEALTHY food (honestly the combination of these two things never ceases to amaze me). If I had to pick a favourite lunch food I’d probably go with a veggie frittata (I don’t know if it’s always there of it’s was just a special one time?) or the tuna patty with salad. I mean these dishes are v v delicious, but they also give you street cred so when your crush/fiance ‘hello honey I love you’/favourite mainstreet character walks past you can be like; “OH HEY WHAT’S UP JUST EATING THIS LOW CALORIE MEAL BECAUSE I HAVE SELF-CONTROL AND UNDERSTAND PORTION SIZE”. And that will be the truth…at least for this meal?


Beached Barrel – Kellee

One word.


Two more words.

No Regrets.

Rosie and I enjoy going for a stroll when taking a break from the rehearsal room and 9 times out of 10 we end up here. Ordering iced coffee and donuts. OTT donuts have become the craze recently and to me, Beached Barrel takes the cake. I mean donut. Anything that is baked and filled with nutella is gonna be good.

When you just really need a mid-rehearsal snack. Thanks Beached Barrel for the goods! 🍩☕️😍

Posted by Fat Girls In Bike Shorts on Sunday, 22 January 2017


Dome – Kellee

Ahhhh Dome. Reliable, safe Dome. That’s the thing with Dome. You always know what you’re going to get- whether you be in Perth, Geraldton or Mandurah. The tandoori chicken slammer is my go-to, whilst the country style pie is my Mum’s favourite. And you can always trust my Mum to pick a winner.

Salt Dish – Rosie

LOOK, I just really love Salt Dish. I loved it when I first arrived and it was owned by local legend Lara Dalton and they did these amazing little pikelets with icecream, and I love it now with the weekday breakfast-lunch/weekend dinner situation. Like have you ever had a steak sandwich as good as the one they do there? No. Even if you think you have, you haven’t. Immediately go there and try it.

To me, Salt Dish will always be the OG Gero cute-new-wave-cafe, because it was the first place I went for Saturday brunch in town and it made me think “maybe leaving Perth and their array of breakfast options wasn’t a mistake after all”. Also very much a fan of the dinner menu. I have never managed to keep it to the two courses (because dessert is impossible to resist) but I have no regrets. NO REGRETS!

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